S4, E11: Halloween Meditation; Honoring of Grace Kelly, KD Lang, Tracee Ellis Ross; Interview w/ Madre Jaguar


Hey Cousins! Happy Halloween. Happy Samhain! Happy Day of the Dead. Happy Witches New Year! All of it.  I am so stoked that it lined up for us to gather on this day, if you are listening live October 31, 2018. This is a very special time of year, and I think a lot of us in the astrology community and esoteric community really feel connected to this time of year, because it is all about going into the depths, the subconscious, exploring our shadows, and honoring death and rebirth and the cycles of nature and life.  And this is exactly what we do in an astrology practice. By honoring the cycles of the planets, we tune into the expansiveness of our souls.  And so thanks for being here today.
On this week’s episode, we will have a special Halloween meditation with a pumpkin theme. Then, I will update you on the transits for this week. We have quite a lot of movement happening in the sky, and some big build up for shifts. Next, I update you on the 'Queen of Scorpio tournament' we have going on.  And we’ll honor the life of Scorpio's Grace Kelly, KD Lang, and Tracee Ellis Ross.
And then finally, we’ll round out our time, with an incredible interview with Madre Jaguar, a shamanic reiki practitioner, a medicine woman, birth doula, and the founder and curator of LA’s very own, Mystic Bazaar. Jaguar is a Scorpio sun and is serving us some mad Scorpio high-vibes. And so we talk about death, rebirth, transformation, angel numbers, cocoa ceremonies, and how Scorpio connects to the earth.
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