S4, E13: Season Finale; Queen of Scorpio; Honoring of Bjork and Georgia O’Keeffe; Scorpio Panel w/ Jerico Mandybur, Pavanjeet, and Alia Walston


Well cousins, my black nail polish is beginning to chip off, so y’all know that means.  We are coming towards the close of Scorpio season. And what a ride it’s been.  Today, for our season 4 finale, we have a potent and powerful episode.
We will be honoring the life of our Final 2 Scorpio Queens. You all voted on the instagram for the show and we have narrowed it down to: Bjork our fiercely passionate and intensely transformative Icelandic Queen who travels to the depths of human emotion. And Georgia O'Keeffe our deeply mysterious and alluring “Mother of Modernism” who honored Death by uncovering the beauty of nature’s regenerative power.
Then, enjoy a deeply rich and heartfelt conversation with our first ever Scorpio Panel.  On this panel we have:
Jerico Mandybur, author of the Neo Tarot, the host of the “Self Service” podcast and the editorial director of Girlboss based in Los Angeles.
Alia Walston, an intuitive channeler based in Chicago who helps to transmute pain into empowerment.  
Pavanjeet, a Kundalini Yoga teacher based in Boulder, Colorado who consults the current astrological transits when teaching.  
In our conversation we go deep, we talk about: 
-Why Scorpio’s wear all black (or all white)
-Pluto in Capricorn
-Scorpio’s Connection between Fear + Sexuality
-Scorpio’s and Celibacy
-Learning to be Vulnerable in Relationships
-Romanticizing the Lower Incarnations of Scorpio
-The Polarity of Scorpio + Taurus
-An in-depth celebration of both Bjork + Georgia O’Keeffe
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