S6, E12: Taurus Full Moon; Taurus + Scorpio Polarity and the Tarot


Scorpio Season has been offering us a time to intuitively honor death and rebirth.  Today, as I record this it is 11:11 – November 11, which is a powerful day in the New Age community to take a moment of silence for global peace. It’s also the Cazimi, which is when Mercury passes over the Sun. This is the moment where lessons from the Mercury Retrograde click into place. So this week on the show we cover all of this, and talk about how all of it is illuminated and amplified by the Taurus Full Moon. We also dive deep in about the Taurus–Scorpio Polarity, and connect with the tarot cards associated with these signs. Here are some links to clips of Queen of Scorpio – Georgia O'Keeffe talking about her life and work; and Queen of Taurus – Cher Breaks Down 22 Looks From 1965 to Now. By honoring these two legendary women's lives and work, we can deepen our connection to and understanding of Scorpio and Taurus.


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