S6 Holiday Bonus Episode: Capricorn New Moon Eclipse


Capricorn New Moon

I build. I commit. I complete.

Connect with the 'Spirit of the Mountain'.  Honor the building that shelters you.  Step up to the podium of your own authority.  Use your resources to empower yourself and others.  Build a bridge between tradition and sustainability.  Pay attention to the elders in your life.  Offer up your respect, while maintaining clear boundaries.  Realign with your most responsible, public-oriented self.  Offer blessings of peace to the world. We need you now more than ever.

Capricorn New Moon blessings. 

On this episode, we explore the Collective Earth feels of Capricorn. We talk Capricorn as the Unicorn and the invitation of the Solstice and Eclipse Season. We also go in deep on a meditation to help realign with the spiritual invitation of Capricorn. I hope you enjoy!


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Thank you, as always for being here Cosmic Cousins. Take sweet care,
-Jeff Hinshaw

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