S7, E1: Saturn-Pluto Capricorn Conjunction; Cancer Full Moon Eclipse


Cancer Full Moon Eclipse

I remember. I nurture. I feel.

The world is moving through structural transformations. You are likely sensing this both within and without. Major shifts and outdated patriarchal constructs are being worked through at this time. Our collective relationship to government, authority, responsibility, business, and the environment is changing. You may feel the pendulum swing from "fear and contraction" as you cling on to old modes....with an equal swing toward "expansion and release" as you surrender to the new and unknown. 

This Cancer Full Moon brings to the surface the emotional undercurrents taking place underneath the surface of the structural changes. Dreams or thoughts are likely to be very heightened this week, particularly ones that connect you to your grandmother or the matriarchal line of your family. Be open to messages from the subconscious realms. Invite peace into your heart around themes of family, home, mother, and ancestral healing. If your body is achey, ask yourself, "is this mine or am I holding on to ancestral pain?"

Either way, both serve as an invitation to drop in with self-care and breathe deeply.
Cancer teaches us to love the pain of the past and present with all our heart.
The oyster transforms an irritant into a magnificent pearl. And so it is....

On this week's episode we explore the invitation of the Cancer Full Moon Eclipse by connecting with the tarot cards associated with Cancer: the Knight of Cups, The Chariot, and the High Priestess. We also go in deep on the Saturn-Pluto conjunction taking place this Sunday, January 12, 2020. This planetary alignment occurs only once every 36 years, starting us off on a brand new cycle around Capricorn themes.


Cancer Full Moon blessings.


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