S7, E4: Leo Full Moon; Understanding how Aquarius evolves through Leo


Leo Full Moon

I desire.  I create.  I express.

Tune into your soul's power. What primal urges live inside, ready to be heard and expressed? What deeper emotions are welling up inside you longing to be felt and touched?

This Leo Full Moon activates our inner-strength and awakens our pure radiance. Pay close attention to messages from the animal world. If you have pets or children in your life, spend extra sweet time tuning into their needs and desires. Garner wisdom from the present moment. Take whatever future-oriented cosmic downloads you have received from Aquarius and bring it down into the body. Breathe confidence into your chest. Feel the wisdom of your Heart. What blockages do you have around being fully seen? In what ways are you shielding yourself from truly shining your light?

On this Leo Full Moon, be open to receiving glimpses of the self-mastery needed in order to compassionately place the ego under the dominion of your soul’s purpose. Be patient with this process – with power comes great responsibility.

Leo Full Moon Blessings to you all! On today's episode... enjoy a meditation for embodied health connecting you to Leo Moon energy, learn about the tarot card's connected to both Aquarius + Leo, reflect on the Super Bowl's Halftime performance with Shakira (Aquarius) and Jennifer Lopez (Leo), and find out why the Disney Movie Frozen tells the story of how Aquarius evolves through Leo.



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