S7, E5: Pisces New Moon Portal


Pisces New Moon Portal

I believe. I forgive. I release.

We find ourselves here at the end of a karmic cycle. You’ve most likely been feeling this shift, perhaps in ways you are unable to articulate. Pisces plummets us into the depth of emotion, while simultaneously expands us into super-consciousness – the deep well of the ocean meets the power of Spirit realms. 

Here, under the energy of the New Moon – the dark night – during Mercury Retrograde, we are reminded to soften – a gentle pause – a surrender to the Unknown. Whether through song, prayer, meditation, or writing, reach out to the Spirit world to assist you in this time of transformation and release. Keep hope and faith alive. "You are ten thousands reasons to rejoice".
There is a rainbow at the end of the storm.

☔️🌈 🌊

Pisces New Moon blessings. 


New Workshop Download!

Black Moon Lilith: Unleash the Queer Witch in your Chart

Black Moon Lilith is a placement that I receive many questions about. There’s a lot of interest with this archetypal energy, but not a lot of information out there. Because many of you have reached out saying you want to learn more, I created this offering!

In this 90-minute workshop Download, I will help upgrade your current understanding of Black Moon Lilith.  You will learn how to utilize this archetype (both transiting + in your chart)  as vocabulary to bring about radical healing and insight to the parts of you feeling repressed by our modern patriarchal society. 

This is the placement in our chart that speaks to many themes connected to the deeper emotions we might feel:  rage, grief, heartache, and sorrow. And particularly in relationship to being an outsider, witch, or someone who identifies as queer. Black Moon Lilith rules over anything that has been repressed by our modern patriarchal society, including any minority group. Black Moon Lilith is also connected to our sexuality and deeper more primal desires.We can utilize this placement in our birth chart to empower ourselves, and we can also look to transiting Black Moon Lilith to understand collective cycles.

If any these themes are of interest to you, than this workshop download is for you!

Topics covered in this 90-minute download:

  • An overview of Black Moon Lilith in each of the 12 signs

  • connection with legendary figures who have prominent Black Moon Lilith placements

  • important Black Moon Lilith dates in 2020

  • understanding transiting Black Moon Lilith’s 9 year cycle 

  • Discover how you can utilize this placement to better serve the LGBTQIA+ community

    This offering is open for pre-enrollment for $50 throughout February 2020.
    Price will increase in March!



On today's episode, during our meditation enjoy the beautiful music of gifted pianist Michael Anticoli. The song he chose for us to listen to is called 'Foam' – "a song about help from beyond, the fingers in the foam of our angels, ancestors, and intuitive guides." Anticoli's new album 'On Being a Vessel' was released yesterday, you can purchase or listen on both iTunes and Spotify




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