Season 2, Episode 2: Capricorn Season, Current Transits, Interview with Tarot Reader Lindsay Mack


Happy New Year Cosmic Cousins! On this episode, I introduce the house system I work with, the placidus house system, and my eco-documetary project "Trash Canyon: Year of No Waste." I also share a really practical way of understanding the current transits through the lens of soul-centered astrology. With just one question for each planet, you can allow your intentions and energy for the week ahead and the New year to be informed by the current astrological transits. So I am really excited to share that with you. Below you will find these questions listed out.

Also, on this episode, I had the great opportunity to interview bad ass tarot reader and healer, Lindsay Mack. She includes great information about Saturn in Capricorn, the Devil as the representation in the tarot of Capricorn, and we look at her birth chart. Also, she shares a secret she's never revealed before about one of her greatest techniques in writing horoscopes.

Sun- what am I shining a vibrant healing light to at this time?

moon- how might i connect more deeply with my intuition?

Mercury- How might i communicate my highest truths at this time?

venus- What am I giving birth to this week?

mars- How might i best channel my ambition energy this week?

jupiter- What am I expanding into this year?

Saturn- What am I being asked to commit to this year?

Uranus- How am I being innovative this year?

Pluto- What am I transforming this year?