Wednesday Jul 18, 2018

Season 3, Episode 14: Mercury Rx Meditation; Frida Kahlo's Birth Chart; Princess Diana's Birth Chart; Cancer Panel; Queen of Cancer

I am so excited to be here with you all, as always, but particularly this week because it is the finale of Season 3.  We’ve now reached up to 50,000 downloads, and this season has averaged more downloads per episode than the previous two seasons.  So we are growing here together.
So let’s go ahead and get into it.  What we have lined up for you today, it’s  a really special episode.  We are going to first just kinda touch base about the current transits, and also what the next 6 weeks has in store for us, because it is Mercury Retrograde. And so if you are newer to the show, Mercury Retrograde marks the end of a season here on this podcast.  Which is why today is the finale, because mercury goes retrograde next wednsday.  July 25.  So we’ll break down mercury retrograde first.
Then second, we are looking at our final 2 cancer queens birth charts.  We are gonna look at and honor the life of Frida Kahlo’s by looking at her birth chart.  She is a cancer sun- taurus moon- Leo rising.
And then, we are gonna honor the life of and look at the birth chart of Princess Diana.  She is a cancer sun- Aquarius moon- sagittarius rising.
And so even just by looking at their triple tier, we can really feel how differently their flavor of cancer is expressed.  Frida’s coming in through the earthly taurus and vibrant Leo.  And Diana’s coming through the lens of humanitarian Aquarius and visionary sagittarius.  So beautiful. So yeh, we will honor both of these incredible cancer legend’s lives today.
And then finally, to round this very heart-felt episode off, y’all better get your tissues ready, because we are sitting down with three soul-centered Cancers.  And my heart literally melts when I think about the conversation and dialogue we created.  These three Cancer’s are a true living embodiment of the resiliency and strength of the Crab.  It’s a very diverse panel, and all three have experienced their own adversity throughout life, but have manage to rise above, becoming more embodied and compassionate than before.
 On our panel we Jungle Julia who is the founder of Goddess in Recovery
Doug Peck who is multi-genre musical director and runs a free summer musical theatre program for high school-age artists. And Katie McCarthy a Cancer survivor, mother, and makeup artist based on the Big Island of Hawai’i who just lost her home to the recent volcanic activity. 
.And so, just by these slight introductions, you can probably already sense that our conversations revolve around some deeply personal and healing topics.
In our time together, we talk about the following:
Cancer’s relationship to Health, Food, and the Body
Blood as a symbol of Cancer and how it links us to all women and the past
Cancer + Mommy Issues
“Kinky Crab;” Dispelling Myth’s around Cancer's Sexuality
Cancer as a Cardinal Sign
Pele the Volcano Goddess
Privilege + Access in Art
How Cancer is Recharged through Giving
The Moon + Mysticism of Cancer
Queen of Cancer
Virtual Cancer Altar
A led Emotional Freedom Technique Meditation
We also listen to two very Cancer themed songs during our time together.  One of which Doug arranged for the stage version of Disney’s The Jungle Book.  And the other song, Katie’s husband Drew wrote recently, about their home being taken by the lava. I literally can not wait for you to listen to this panel. It’s so deeply rich.
Then of course at the end of our convo, the Cancer Panel casts their vote for the Queen of Cancer. And then at the end of this episode, we will crown either Princess Diana or Frida Kahlo, the first ever queen of cancer
Again,  I am so grateful to have the podcast as a creative outlet, to channel my energy towards something that may be bringing benefit to you and your life. So let’s go ahead and get into it!

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