S7, E6: Virgo Full Moon; Understanding Pisces-Virgo Polarity


Virgo Full Moon

I serve. I refine. I heal.

Pisces Season invites us into a place of Unknown – surrender, forgiveness, spirituality and release. On this Virgo Full Moon, we are gifted the opportunity to balance the mystery of it all with humble devotion. Create a sanctuary for eliciting a deeper connection to the Divine. Cleanse your space. Write a list of ways to invite holistic healing into your life. Remember: your body is the vessel for which the magic of spirit flows through. Treat yourself and the world around you with this reverent knowing. While Pisces connects to the eternity of life, Virgo reminds us that being human is precious. Breathe into the expansion of your soul with Pisces – remember why you incarnated on this planet with Virgo. Now gently... very gently, channel your love for all that is through the refinement of your craft. We need your offering and services now more than ever. Virgo Full Moon blessings to you all! On this podcast episode enjoy a guided meditation and exploration on the devotional polarity of Pisces-Virgo! 


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